kdeconnect-chrome . extension to send/push tab url from desktop chrome to kde connect on android
rrd.sh . bash script for rrdtool database creating, updating, graphing and a nodejs httpd for display
feedproxy . it's like a personal Google Reader server
A backend to aggregate many rss or atom news feeds into one, your own feed.
Supports Amazon Kindle, can send the referred article contents with images automatically as a book via Kindle-It.
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NDS Dupe Selector . list duplicated game releases of Nintendo DS using ADVANsCEne data with GameRankings scores
GameBoy Advance releases
GameRankings Windows score changes rss news feeds, best ranked rss news feeds and scraped data in json
my rss news feeds
F-Droid new apps
AdAway new releases
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HUN Burger King kuponok képekkel listázva és rss hírfolyammal
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